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Steve Deist is an IRCG Partner. He has over 20 years of experience working for hundreds of distributor, retail, manufacturer and private equity clients in dozens of lines of trade.

He is a highly rated speaker, a permanent University of Innovative Distribution (UID) faculty member and a distribution company board director.

Steve has extensive knowledge of the distribution and supply chain space, with substantial experience in retail, construction and industrial channels. This experience includes:

  • Strategy, sales effectiveness, operations, supply chain, marketing and technology projects for over 100 organizations over the past 10 years. These clients have ranged in size from $5M family-run businesses to Fortune 500 corporations.  
  • Numerous marketing channel projects for top-tier manufacturers which sell through dealers, distributors, retailers, etc.  
  • Frequent industry speaking engagements for clients including distributors, trade associations and manufacturers on a broad range of subjects. These engagements have included workshops, technical sessions for management-level audiences, strategic sessions for executive-level audiences and keynote speeches.  
  • Due diligence and related projects for top-tier private equity firms.   

Steve is IRCG’s strategy guru, focused on helping companies achieve lasting competitive advantage. His hands-on approach enables him to apply leading edge concepts to the practical realities of daily business.    

Prior to joining IRCG, he was director of consulting services at a major supply chain software vendor. Steve’s thought-provoking articles appear frequently in premier industry publications such as Modern Distribution Management. Steve has authored three books published by NAW (The Five Fundamentals for the Wholesale Distribution Sales Manager, Value Creation Strategies for Wholesaler-Distributors and What’s the Right Plan? Effective Sales Incentive Design for Wholesaler-Distributors).

Download Steve's Speaker Profile, which includes topics to customize for your group.

Watch Steve speak in this video:



“[Steve’s session] was the capstone to my week of education at University of Industrial Distribution. It was exactly what I had hoped it to be – plus more. The best presentation style and content for the last session of an informative week. Thank you.”

- Distributor President

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