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Mike Marks - Speaking at UIDOur partners’ deep industry knowledge and innovative consulting work make them highly valued, content-rich speakers. We provide speaking services for distributors, manufacturers, trade associations and service providers such as software vendors and marketing groups. We can support a wide variety of formats, including keynote speeches; break-out groups; panels; workshops; and sales meetings.

Our partners believe that each speaking engagement should be carefully tailored to the audience. In a typical engagement we develop a content outline based on client needs and industry experience, incorporate input using interviews with sample audience members and refine based on client feedback. More technical sessions typically include a workbook for individual and/or team exercises.

Some of our more common topics include:

  • Industry trends and innovation
  • Finding growth from new markets and customers
  • Sales force compensation
  • Strategic planning
  • Sales effectiveness

“In reviewing our meeting evaluation, you are once again our highest-rated presenter. In fact, I would say you are probably our highest-rated presenter of all time.”- Association Executive

Learn more about Mike Marks, IRCG's managing partner, and download his speaker profile below:

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