The Value of Data in Aligning Resources to Market Opportunities

IRCG’s Steve Deist featured in latest MDM Executive Briefing program

“Analytics are important for every business. You want to base your decisions on facts, on data, rather than anecdotes.” That’s the message Indian River Consulting Group’s Steve Deist presents in the latest Executive Briefing program from Modern Distribution Management.

The program features the contributing authors to MDM’s book, The Distributor’s Guide to Analytics. Steve wrote on Market Access Analytics for the compilation.

Steve told MDM that distributors should use data to determine whether they are investing based on what will present the greatest return for their businesses vs. the latest trends. Distributors have typically gone to market with a one-size-fits-all approach, he says. But market access is about analyzing your business’s resources and market and recalibrating so that you are applying those resources in the most effective way.

“It’s about understanding which customers value which types of services and aligning resources to fit. Successful distributors have that figured out,” Steve says.

Hear more from Steve, starting at a little after 2 minutes, in the full program below:

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