Strategy Development

Growth Strategies: Put Words into Action

Distributors and manufacturers are facing industry consolidation, rising channel conflict, and the perennial issue of rising costs and margin pressures. To be competitive today, distributors and manufacturers must be innovating on all fronts from digitization, analytics and talent management to tools and trainings for sales teams. Our process helps you move forward quickly.

How We Streamline Your Strategic Planning

Traditional brainstorm meetings and mission statements can generate ideas and define a vision, but they can’t drive sustained change. The hockey-stick forecast doesn’t magically appear. We help distributors and manufacturers diagnose problems and identify risk-bound alternatives for sustained competitive advantage and profitability.

Assess the Market

We find sources of profitable growth and identify market gaps and competitive advantage to deliver clear market-making results.

Build a Strategy

Your executive team will own the new strategy approved by your board of directors.

Execute the Plan

We help you establish ongoing management with performance accountability and an execution plan with a review process in place.

Respond to Sudden Change

Because of the trust we’ve built in this market, you can count on IRCG’s team to work with you to act in response to a sudden shift in your market or business.

How We’ve Helped Distributors and Manufacturers Like You

We consulted with a business that was considering acquiring a large manufacturer in the midst of the Great Recession. They needed to know if there was a solid market for the products. We executed frank conversations with the supplier’s largest distributors in a week’s time to uncover the market insight the company needed for its go-forward decision.

We helped a global market-leading distributor analyze where to invest its money to get the best return. To do that, we analyzed where they could free up resources and how to divert those resources to execute on growth opportunities in the right markets.

Strategy Development Resources

AI for Distributors

What is AI and how can it help distributors? Read this overview on AI for distributors - how to ignore the hype to reap the benefits for your organization....

five keys to unlocking profitable growth

A market access strategy provides a framework for distributors to align their investments with real opportunities for growth.

crossing the chasm

Many distributors have faced the challenge of deciding whether they want to transition from the classic lifestyle business management that evolved from the entrepreneurial roots of their companies to professional management.

how to go from too many to just right

Manufacturers want to understand if they have the right number of distributors and if the distributors that they have can meet their needs. We recommend a four-step process to properly evaluate and optimize a distributor network.

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