B2B Sales Structure Optimization

Align your sales structure with your customers’ needs

Does your current sales system reflect how your customers actually buy your product? Are your costliest resources being used on your most valuable projects? We apply expertise and data to optimize your sales structure by saving money – while improving customer service.

How We Help You Cut Sales Costs and Grow

Indian River Consulting Group helps you reduce selling costs without sacrificing service by drawing distinctions around market-making activities and market-serving activities.

Specialize roles

We break down sales jobs into their component pieces to ensure the most specialized professionals only work on the highest-value tasks.

Digitize Artisan Processes

We help determine the best automated tools available for your business to reduce sales labor costs and add responsive, consistent and reliable results.

Clarify Your Value Proposition

Learn to shift the value from your salespeople to unique services and subscriptions that keep your customers loyal to you.

How we’ve helped distributors and manufacturers like you

In the midst of the COVID pandemic, we helped a distributor analyze its sales force’s productivity and where growth was coming from so they could better position for 2021. The distributor transformed its team, moving to hybrid and specialized roles and revamping incentives to maintain momentum in the new year.

We helped a field sales-driven national distributor to move from an outside-sales-driven business to inside sales, going from a one-to-one outside-to-inside ratio to one-to-five. The shift took friction out of the purchasing process for the customer and cost out for the distributor.

Sales Structure Optimization Resources

3 Key Steps in Sales Transformation

Self-directed sales teams are not efficient. Be smart in deploying your most powerful sales tools (your reps) with guidance from Indian River Consulting Group.

CRM Adoption: The Time is Now for Distributors 

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It refers to the strategies your salespeople—and all customer-facing staff—use to manage customer relationships.  CRM technologies exist to help the people on your...

new age new pay

Read this whitepaper to learn about how to maintain the tried-and-true motivational compensation upside while also providing the predictable monthly income that Millennials desire.

The Gorilla in the Room

How customers buy is challenging the traditional role, function and purpose of the distributor field sales position. But many distributors have resisted changing their approach to sales for fear of losing sales reps, customers or both to the competition.

five keys to unlocking profitable growth

A market access strategy provides a framework for distributors to align their investments with real opportunities for growth.

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