effective sales design

“A must read for any distribution executive looking for new paths to revenue growth.” — Allan Dragone, Chief Executive Officer, Unisource Worldwide, Inc.

Effective Sales Incentive Design for Distributors: What’s the Right Plan?  is designed for top wholesale distribution executives and sales managers who are looking for the answer to this question: “How can I get my sales reps to just do what I want them to do?”

During good years, sales come easy. Today, however, times are still challenging. Learn successful sales strategies employed by distributors who know how to put lead on the target in challenging times.

This book, by Tim Horan and Steve Deist, offers a practical but powerful approach for taking your sales force to the next level. It includes key concepts, practical ideas, and real-world stories taken from the front lines of wholesale distribution. This book will give you the essential leadership skills to keep your career and your business moving ahead and performing at higher levels.

Demand creation comes down to who is spending the money. With that foundation, Indian River Consulting Group explored how customers in the HVACR industry choose both their brands and suppliers. And they uncovered why customers ultimately switch. Their answer – based on in-depth research commissioned by Heating, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Distributors International – challenges many conventional industry beliefs.

In this book, IRCG’s Mike Marks and Steve Deist provide powerful yet practical recommendations that manufacturers and distributors can put to use immediately.

This timely collection of best practices is a practical roadmap to help distributors build stronger analytics capabilities. Share this book with your team to jumpstart data-analytic thinking in your business.” – Julia H. Klein, Chairwoman and CEO, C.H. Briggs Co., Reading, PA

In MDM’s Distributor’s Guide to Analytics, Steve Deist writes on Market Access Analytics, helping distributors understand how to better deploy sales and marketing resources effectively.

According to authors Mike Marks and Mike Emerson in their book, What’s Your Plan? Smart Salesforce Compensation in Wholesale Distribution, there is absolutely no relationship between your sales incentive plan and your likely gain or loss in market share.

In fact, here’s what matters most: 1) Setting an objective; 2) Getting management to use it in rating salesperson performance; and 3) Making sure your whole team buys in.

This book debunks the myths and shows you how to bring these three all-important factors into alignment. Get ready for a real “A-ha!” experience.

“The current business environment is forcing all of us to re-examine our business model no matter how successful it may have historically been. This book provides an excellent launching board from which to start that process. Every chapter contains examples of accurate and identifiable real-world situations. This clear grounding in distributor reality forced me to take all of their findings seriously” — Dan Blaylock, President, Adams-Burch, Inc.

In Value Creation Strategies for Wholesaler-Distributors, authors Steve Deist, Mike Marks, and Mike Emerson provide highly actionable insights about how wholesaler-distributors can use a market-driven strategy to increase enterprise value for customers and shareholders. The authors walk through the principles that drive successful strategy development and execution for wholesaler-distributors of all sizes and lines of trade. Through their research findings and the real-world distribution examples provided throughout this book, they explain how value creation strategy can produce significant and rapid financial benefits.

A market-driven approach is the key to creating true competitive advantage, permanently improving organizational performance, and making real productivity gains. This book is a must read for wholesale distribution owners, board members and top executives.

“As a manufacturer, we are constantly working to improve our position and relationship with our distributor network. Working at Cross-Purposes highlights why this is an important activity and why it is so wrought in challenges. I have changed my view of win-win after reading this book. If we can develop win-neutrals going in both directions and avoid win-lose scenarios that is my new paradigm.” — Mark Hollinger, Vice President, Distribution, Mannington Mills, Inc.