Featured in MDM: Work on Your Business, Not Just In It

IRCG’s Mike Marks wants distributors to be proactive, not reactive, about finding and acting on opportunities. That’s his message in two different recent articles featured on MDM.com. In one, he told MDM: “Everybody’s going to wait for some crisis to react, and they’re going to be way behind. The idea is to take a small amount of resource and be intentional rather than reactive.”

In Associate Editor Eric Smith’s recent commentary, Smith asks: “Are you still sitting around waiting for economic recovery?” He quotes Marks as saying that distributors need to stop doing the same old things better. Instead they need to do new things. Smith adds: “Don’t wait for headwinds to magically shift. Instead, adjust your sails so that you’re no longer fighting the storm or merely waiting for it to pass.”

Marks’s insight was also recently featured in MDM’s Management Tip of the Week: Ask Customers for Feedback to Keep Their Business.

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