Are Scorecards Upping Your Game, or Sidelining Your Supplier Relationships?

Scorecards Upping Your Game IRCG Blog

Unfortunately, many distributors take the confrontational approach, hammering a supplier on shortcomings rather than congratulating them on successes.

Ultimately, that can result in manufacturers satisfying only the base requirements for doing business, because they have no incentive to do more. And it fails to accomplish scorecards’ original purpose: driving sales growth, increasing efficiencies and improving processes.

In a recent MDM article, Indian River Consulting Group Associate Consultant Justin Stewart outlines strategies for scorecard success, including:

  • Focus on long-term, rather than short-term results and performance.
  • Identify metrics that are key business drivers.
  • Review your approach to scorecard reviews.
  • Emphasize trends and progress toward sales goals rather than occasional missed deadlines.

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