Distributor Weekly Pandemic Revenue Index (PRI): April 6-10, 2020

Written by Mike Emerson on Monday, 13 April 2020. Posted in Pandemic Revenue Index

Each week, we’ll be tracking a snapshot of year-over-year distributor revenue with our Pandemic Revenue Index (PRI). Here’s the latest graph:

IRCG Pandemic Revenue Index April 06 April 10

This week’s index shows a sales decline over the same week in 2019 of 29.4%, which confirms that the improvement in the prior week was an anomaly as we expected. 

The sample size for the week of April 6-10 data is nine firms, up one from last week. We expect that the sample size will continue to increase weekly. To help us increase the sample size, we are asking you to consider helping the industry through these uncertain and unprecedented times. If you are interested in participating, reach out to Mike Emerson, IRCG Partner, at memerson@ircg.com.

There is a fair amount of confusion right now. We’re all hearing that the “opening up of the economy” is around the corner at the end of April from some – and end of summer from others. Things might become clearer in the next few weeks as to whether “we’ve reached the apex,” which most agree is a prerequisite for easing the stay-at-home orders.

Thanks for following along with us as we analyze the impact of this pandemic. As we collect more experiences, we will continue to share patterns as they emerge.

About the Author

Mike Emerson

Mike Emerson

Mike Emerson has been a IRCG partner since 2004. Mike joined Indian River in 1998 and has worked with hundreds of distributors and manufacturers of all sizes and within many lines of trade.

As a Partner in the firm, Mike has managed a broad array of projects. His main focus areas include: compensation design, strategy facilitation, market research, and data modeling and analysis.

Mike writes extensively on distributor and marketing channel topics and is frequently quoted on contemporary issues. He has authored four books, published by NAW: What’s Your Plan? Smart Salesforce Compensation in Wholesale Distribution, Working at Cross-Purposes: How Distributors and Manufacturers Can Manage Conflict Successfully, Value Creation Strategies for Wholesaler-Distributors and What’s the Right Plan? Effective Sales Incentive Design for Wholesaler-Distributors. Mike is also a university lecturer on marketing topics.

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