Webcast: Your Playbook for Growth in 2020 featuring Mike Marks

webcast Your Playbook for Growth in 2020 featuring Mike MarksForecasters are pointing to market slowdowns in early 2020. And while things are expected to pick up again in the back half of the new year, this is no time to abandon your playbook.

Too often, distributors and manufacturers choose to sit on the sidelines until the storm clouds recede. Yet, this is a risky call. In fact, chances are that both traditional and nontraditional competitors will be ready to double down to take share from those who sit on the sidelines. Instead, it’s time to revisit your 2020 playbook. What is your strategy to leverage this disruptive environment and aim for growth in the new year?

On Thursday, Nov. 14 at 1 p.m. ET, I will host with MDM’s Tom Gale  a one-hour webcast where we will break down the landscape ahead and revealing the best tactics to stay competitive in 2020 and beyond. You will learn the core and emerging maneuvers in technology, analytics and talent needed to build an effective defense and growth strategy for the year ahead. Simultaneously, you can plan to position your company for the fundamental changes forecast across all distribution sectors.

Watch the webcast here.