In the News: What Motivates Your Customers to Buy More?

Written by Dan Horan on Monday, 14 January 2019. Posted in B2B Marketing, Distribution

It's important to know the difference between one customer's needs and another's. Associate Consultant Dan Horan recently wrote about this in a guest post for Modern Distribution Management, What Motivates Your Customers to Buy More?

Horan outlines three ways distributors can segment their customer base:

  • Internal segments (size of purchase, how often they buy, what they buy, etc)
  • Demographic segments (business size, business type, location)
  • Behavioral segments (what and why customers do what they do)

The last is the most valuable because it takes into account a buyer's needs and motivation. It is however one of the most difficult for distributors to achieve.

Read more about behavioral segmention in this post: What Motivates Your Customers to Buy More?

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Dan Horan

Dan Horan is an associate consultant at IRCG. Joining in 2016, Dan brings his expertise in sales, marketing, branding and communications strategy to the IRCG team.

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