Featured in NAW: Winning in a Post-Amazon World

Featured in NAW Winning in a Post Amazon WorldJust because Amazon is a household name doesn’t mean distributors must emulate its every move to compete.

IRCG Managing Partner Mike Marks’s latest guest post for the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors offers up suggestions for distributors looking to succeed in the shadow of Amazon. It’s not about beating the online behemoth, but about creating more value in your own niche, for your own customers.

Reassess value and price so that you’re not competing on price alone, but on value-added services for your customers. Embrace digital tools to support a multichannel strategy. Improve the customer experience by learning how they want to buy, and how to ease their challenges. Through it all, remove inefficiencies from your sales channels to streamline your efforts and help your team sell smarter.

Prioritize the customer experience when identifying which investments to make and align your resources accordingly. This way, you’ll be playing the digital game in your own market, with your own target customers in mind.

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