Free Webinar: Real Strategies for Distribution Success

Free Webinar Real Strategies for Distribution SuccessIndian River Consulting Group managing partner Mike Marks joins Epicor’s ongoing webinar series on Distribution Innovation and Strategy. Marks will add to the conversation about how innovating your business model can help you embrace change in 2020 and beyond.

This webinar reviews the reasons for digital transformation, exploring real-world strategies and tactics for innovation today. Mike shares success stories from current distribution market leaders, touching on best practices for innovation and growth — as well as what not to do — in the era of Amazon. This webinar features action items for improving business efficiency and performance, including:

  • Better use of data to improve margins and grow top-line revenue
  • Growth and competitive success through better eCommerce strategy
  • Successful shifts to more service-oriented business models
  • Current examples of cutting-edge technology to drive efficiency
  • A look into emerging technology, including AI and IoT

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