NAW/PROS Webinar: In Uncertain Environment, Embrace Data

Mike Marks PhotoIRCG Managing Partner Mike Marks joined PROS Director of Industry Marketing Sean Duclaux in a recent National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors webinar, “Realizing Revenue and Profit Growth for Wholesale Distributors.”

Duclaux kicked off the webinar with an overview of a survey that found that revenue and profitability growth were both top of mind for executives across the wholesale distribution industry, especially in light of their concerns over an uncertain economy. Leveraging the data they have remains one of the largest pain points for distributors, according to Duclaux. That said, it is also the largest untapped asset distributors have to spur growth, no matter the economic climate.

Marks says data can be leveraged as part of an overall strategy of intentional growth in an era of industry consolidation. “If you’re in a market that’s consolidated, you’re better equipped to be a predator if you have a gun in a knife fight,” he told attendees. “That’s what these tools are.”

Access the full webinar from PROS and NAW on-demand now.