Responsible for M&A Deal Success? Start Planning Early

Company CEOs and board members are facing increasing financial accountability for the success of M&A deals, according to a 2017 survey by PWC of Fortune 1,000 executives and senior management recently active in M&A.

Are you responsible for an upcoming deal? Early planning can increase the odds of successfully creating value and meeting deal goals. “This year’s survey shows integration teams getting involved in deal planning earlier than ever,” which the report says is contributing to surveyed executives’ improving financial results, synergy capture and integration speed.

Get caught up on the accelerating M&A activity that is already impacting the industry by starting the planning process now. By attending the Distribution M&A Executive Workshop this fall, you’ll learn to build an effective M&A team and will gain the specialized knowledge required to lead them to success, from deal screening to post-close integration.

When you attend the workshop, our expert speakers also become part of your team as they guide you through the deal-making process, including how to get the price you’re looking for and avoiding human resources, financial and legal pitfalls.

View speaker bios, and learn about the workshop in the video below.