What Separates Distributors from the Pack

IRCG’s Mike Marks recently moderated a panel discussion at the 2016 National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) annual convention. The topic: “Are You Predator or Prey?” Panelists discussed how distributors are responding to the increasing pace of disruption in the electrical distribution industry.

In the first part, Marks along with panelists Brian McNally of Rexel, Chris Blakeslee of Anixter, Bill Mansfield of Graybar, and Halsey Cook of Sonepar discuss what separates a company that is winning from those that aren’t.

According to the panel, distributors that are winning:

  • Are comfortable with change and know that it’s not going away.
  • Don’t ignore disrupters in the industry, including Amazon.
  • Understand what keeps customers up at night and focus on being solution-oriented.
  • Will throw away what’s worked in the past, but may not work in the future. In other words, they recognize that the old model may no longer be relevant.
  • Focus on ensuring that long-term individual sales relationships bring tangible value to customers.

Watch part one of the panel to hear more about the above insights:



Find the rest of the NAED panel discussion on YouTube here.

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