From Forbes: Hisco’s Secret to Competing in a Changing Distribution Industry

Mike Marks, IRCG managing partner, is proud to serve on the Board of Directors of industrial distributor Hisco Inc., which was recently featured in an article on employee engagement by Forbes.

Hisco has grown to sales of $265 million by giving its employees true autonomy to meet its customers’ needs at its dozens of local branches. The employee-owned distributor has also invested heavily in the supply chain, its sales and marketing, acquisitions and financial practices without stifling its employees’ entrepreneurial spirit.

As the article notes: “At Hisco, these initiatives literally belong to the employees, and they’re taking notable responsibility for ensuring the success of the company’s transformation.”

Read how Hisco is successfully competing against its largest competitors in a changing market in this Forbes article, “One Underdog’s Secret to Adopting Big-Company Best Practices.”

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